NOTD: layering experiment


This is FP Asylum over Revlon Plum Night. It actually reminds me a bit of Orly Fowl Play.

Revlon Plum Night is a very dark blackened purple cream. Under some lights it looks black or dark grey. The formula was a bit watery, but covered well in 2-3 coats.


winter break 2011 – first purchases

It’s winter break, and I’m finally released from the clutches of academic obligations! Now I’m back home in NorCal, where I have a car (awesome!) and can drive around freely. So, of course, this means, DUSTY HUNTING and MAJOR HAULING!

Well, even though I say that, I actually didn’t buy that much (yet).  Today I just went to conventional stores, hitting up Sally’s, CVS, and Ross.  Since I left most of my nail care supplies in San Diego, I picked up some basic, and these two polishes:

CC Mistletoe Kisses and SHID Grape Going

Color Club Mistletoe Kisses (left): I saw Scrangie’s post for the scented Color Club holiday set, and could not resist buying the last one. I’m excited to try it out, because I love the Christmas tree smell. My brother is allergic to the real trees, so we always had an artificial tree for Christmas. I was so disappointed because it never smelled as nice as the authentic trees that my friends had. Hopefully this will be similar!

Sally Hansen Instadri Grape Going (right): This was from the CVS clearance sale! I went earlier to the CVS in San Diego, but just found this one here. It was only $1.37! It looks like there’s a nice purple/blue duochrome, almost similar to DVD from the High-Definition line. I think it’ll be nice layered over black or another dark color


I’m planning to hit up a nail supply store with my other nail-crazy friend on Thursday, so look forward to more haulage then! I’ll be looking to pick up:  KEY: (!) = lemming!  (?) = possibly not

China Glaze Eye Candy

  • Some Like it Haute (!)
  • Material Girl  – seems dupable, but I don’t think I have any pink glitters yet?
  • Lorelei’s Tiara (?)
  • Love Marilyn (?)

Essie Luxeffects:

  • Shine of the Times (!) – LEMMING SO BADLY! I don’t have SH HT or any of its dupes. Looking forward to flakie goodness. 🙂
  • As Gold as it Gets (!)
  • A Cut Above (?) – dupable, so maybe I should get one of the LA Girls Glitter Addicts instead? It’s cheaper.

China Glaze’s Christmas 2012 and 2011 collection:

  • Party Hearty (!) – I regret not picking this up last year. If it’s still there I’m totally grabbing some.
  • Mrs. Claus – I gifted mine away, and am regretting it now. Maybe it’s similar enough to Zoya Astra, so I won’t need to get it?
  • Blue Year’s Eve (?) – I have so many blues already, but this is pretty! I wonder how it compares with OPI Swimsuit Nailed It!
  • Glittering Garland (!) – LOVE IT! If I find Emerald Sparkle though, I’ll get that instead
  • Tinsel Town
  • Snowglobe – I’m a bit confused about the “dud” version, but I think I have to see it in person to decide.

Also, possibly some of the sorbets from the OPI Texas collection? Not sure how many I should limit myself to.

  • Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em
  • Guy Meets Galveston
  • Do You think I’m Texy
  • Houston We Have a Purple

Of course I’ll be just looking around to pick up stuff as well! Hope there are some good finds at the supply place!
Next week, I’m going to Vegas with my family,  so I might try to pick up some Island Girl polishes there too!


Opinions on any of these polishes? Anything else I should be looking for?


Back in San Diego, I’m going to have to organize my stash so much. My Melmer is getting full, and I will need to start purging soon. Ahh, the thought is so scary! Until then, I’m going to enjoy buying! 😀

NOTD: Halloween 2011

Freehanded some skeleton stuff for a halloween manicure. Supposed to match my shirt!

Did it initially with a brush pen, but that didn’t really stay on, just left a yellow residue, so redid it using black puff paint. Much easier using the pen though, so I wonder if it would have lasted if I used TC?


NOTD: Purple and Gold Gradient

Attempted to do a gradient mani! Haven’t done one for a while. 😛

This color combination reminds me of the Lakers colors.



Used: OPI Planks A Lot, OPI It’s My Year, Sinful Colors gold, SOPI Only Gold for Me

Later I added a French tip with Orly Luxe!